New Amendments Aim to Make it Easier for Stillwater Police to Enforce Noise Ordinance

City officials hope new amendments to city code will make it easier for police to enforce Stillwater’s noise ordinance.

The Stillwater City Council on Tuesday voted to amend city codes—redefining “noise” and prohibiting “noise that annoys people.”

The amendments define noise in a more scientific way and allow for general prohibition against “unreasonable noise that annoys people,” City Attorney Dave Magnuson said.

“The amendment might make it easier to enforce some of the motorcycle noise that gets annoying to people,” Magnuson said. “That is the primary reason behind it—the late-night and loud noise associated with it.”

With the amendment, “noise” is now defined as:

“Any unwanted sound not occurring in the natural environment, including, but not limited to, sounds originating from streets and highways, industrial, commercial, and residential sources. Where a sound measurement is specified, the sound shall be Sound to be measured by a sound level meter (SLM) having characteristics as specified in the latest standards, 51.4 of the American Standards Institute. Calibration of SLM shall be at least “second stage” traceable to the national bureau of standards.” 

The amendment to generally prohibit “noise that annoys people” reads:

“No person shall make, cause, or allow to be made any distinctly and loudly audible noise that unreasonably disturbs, injures or endangers the safety, health, comfort, peace, or repose of a reasonable person, or precludes their enjoyment of property.”

In other amendment news …

Public urination is officially a citable offense in Stillwater.

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