Minnesota’s First Electric Tuk-Tuk Service Arrives in Downtown Stillwater

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Minnesota’s first electric tuk-tuk arrived in Stillwater this week. (Photo by James Cashman)

Tuk-tuks have officially arrived in Stillwater.

Minnesota’s first three-wheeled electric tuk-tuk arrived at 11:22 a.m. on May 22, James Cashman said. The tuk-tuk then made its way downtown and spent some time along the river on Wednesday night.

E-TUK MN drivers will offer free rides and mini-tours all over downtown Stillwater, Cashman said. The plan to is to generate revenue with tips, donations and advertising.

The tuk-tuk service is available for free rides in downtown Stillwater during the afternoons and evenings.

Photo by Tom Wieland via Pictures of Stillwater Facebook group.

Photo by Tom Wieland via Pictures of Stillwater Facebook group.

The tuk-tuks will be used as a courier service and passenger shuttle — possibly citywide if they perform well on hills — to and from homes, apartments, businesses, hotels, marinas, restaurants, parking spots, bars, boats, churches and event centers.

The official grand opening for the tuk-tuk service will be on Monday, June 27 — 127 years to the day (June 27, 1889), after Minnesota’s first electric street railway system began operating in Stillwater.

E-TUK MN’s website and app are still in development, Cashman said.

“E-tuks have a captivating appeal that instantly turn heads in wonderment and produce a desire to want to hop on to ride, and/or participate as an advertiser or sponsor,” Cashman told me last month. “Most riders will likely experience exuberance and a heightened sense of wellbeing that can turn a bad day into a good day, maybe even a great day. They seem to naturally enhance and uplift your love of life and make everything seem better, at least for the moment.”

Sounds like a tough deal to turn down — afterall, it’s free.

So if you see a tuk-tuk around, get your smile on, take a photo, enjoy your ride — and tip your driver.

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