Man Transported to Hospital After Being ‘Shot’ with a BB on Main Street

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A Hopkins man was apparently “shot” with a BB gun in broad daylight on South Main Street in downtown Stillwater last weekend.

A 25-year-old Hopkins man called 911 from in front of the Stillwater Farm Store on Main Street just after 1:30 p.m. on June 11 and reported that he may have been electrocuted, and had a leg injury, Stillwater Police Sgt. Jeff Stender said.

But while the man was being treated by Lakeview EMS, paramedics discovered a puncture wound on his right leg, Stender said. There was also a corresponding hole in the man’s shorts.

Medics transported the man to Lakeview Hospital, where it was determined a BB was embedded in his leg.

“It appears the victim was “shot,” most likely by a BB gun,” Stender said, “but he saw nothing.”

The man did tell police that he remembers hearing a bang.

“There are no suspects,” Stender said, “We don’t even know from where the “shooter” fired the BB gun — or whatever it was that sent a projectile — into the victim’s leg.”

Stender said there are no other witnesses or evidence in the case.

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