Lumberjack Days Will Return to Downtown Stillwater in 2016

11794154_10153491945671948_6190811530188657333_o (2) A Lumberjack Demonstration during Stillwater Log jam 2015. (Photo by Joe Isaacs)

Lumberjack Days will return to downtown Stillwater in 2016.

The Stillwater City Council on Tuesday night amended the city’s contract with The Locals to allow them to use the name and logo for Lumberjack Days for the city’s summer celebration.

The Locals brought a summer festival back to Stillwater two summers ago.

When The Locals were awarded the contract to put on Stillwater’s community festival, they entered into negotiations to use the name Lumberjack Days, but couldn’t come to an agreement.

So The Locals named their festival Stillwater Log Jam.

But last month, the rights to the Lumberjack Days name and associated trademarks were signed over to the city of Stillwater.

Now, The Locals look forward to carrying on Stillwater’s community festival’s name.

“It’s been our mission from day 1 to return this event to our community festival,” Brad Glynn, a board member of The Locals told the council. “I think over the last two years we’ve really taken some big strides to show that when you give people in the community — who have ownership in this community —  the responsibility to throw our own party, we can do it. I think we have the ship pointed in the right direction for the mission of this event. Now that the city has ownership of the name, it makes sense that we return Lumberjack Days to the glory it once was.”

The council was happy to hear The Locals want to bring back the name Lumberjack Days.

“I think it’s fantastic that you want to use it,” Council Member Mike Polehna said. “It’s been Lumberjack Days forever, and I think it’s great to have the name back.”

Polehna thanked the Washington County Attorney’s Office for getting the name back for the city of Stillwater via a plea agreement with Dave Eckberg.

“Over the course of time, some of us tried — and failed — to get the name back,” Polehna said. “Pete Orput and his staff did a great job getting it back for us — and I applaud The Locals for taking it on again.”

Council member Dave Junker, a former member of the Lumberjack Days Festival Association’s board of directors, said he’s happy The Locals want to take on the name Lumberjack Days, but thought the city had an obligation to tell The Locals that Stillwater’s summer celebration will be called Lumberjack Days, without giving them the naming option.

“I’m really glad you appreciate the history and the name and want to take that,” Junker said, “but I guess I was looking at — hey, as long as we get the name back — it’s our city celebration, and I know I wanted to see it called Lumberjack Days. That is the history of Stillwater, and it’s a great celebration. If the city of Stillwater is going to have a summer celebration, it should be called Lumberjack Days.”

Council Member Tom Weidner said he “whole-heartedly” agreed.

“We tried to get that name right before you started (on the council),” Weidner said to Junker.

“So did we,” Glynn interjected.

“We all tried to get that name back, didn’t we?” Weidner continued. “But they wouldn’t let it go, would they… I’m glad you’re using it.”

“It’s been great cooperation,” Glynn said. “We really appreciate it.”

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