Looking for a business or individual to step up and sponsor Not Me!

On Memorial Day I handed out 100 flyers with a cover letter seeking a business owner or individual to step up and support giving an opportunity to train 100+ women self defense specifically designed for women.

While I knew that effort wasn’t going to yield my phone ringing off the hook or my email inbox to explode it was a good grassroots effort. More to do…

The trainers of this program have the experience and credibility and I have a relationship with them www.notmetraining.com/our-story

If the aforementioned video link detailing the importance of why this is training is important resonates with you….feel free to reach out to me, by email or phone and I shall forward to you the sponsorship (diamond, platinum, gold) packages for consideration or perhaps you know someone that has the capacity to do so.

Thanks for reading this announcement!

Joel Wefel