LOLO American Kitchen and Craft Bar Grand Opening is Wednesday


Joe Ehlenz and Brad Nordeen are about to bring a new kind of dining experience to downtown Stillwater. 

LOLO (Locally Owned, Locally Operated) American Kitchen and Craft Bar is opened this weekend in the new Peasley Building at 233 Main St. S.

Lolo had an “impromptu opening” with craft cocktails on Friday night, and began serving small plates Saturday. 

Ehlenz and Nordeen are longtime friends who grew up in the Stillwater area, and have come up through the ranks with some of the valley’s top restaurants.

Their idea is simple: Eat. Drink. Socialize.

But their execution is different.

LOLO is quaint, comfortable and taking dining in Stillwater in a new direction with seating at the open kitchen that invites you to interact with the chef while your food is being prepared.

“Our idea is you come in and get a show,” Ehlenz said.

LOLO is looking to be as sustainable and green as possible—serving fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in the kitchen and artisanal craft cocktails at the bar.

Everything is done from scratch.

Nordeen’s American street food style menu is a combination of uniquely-presented dishes he has done in the past and flavors he enjoys bringing together.

“It’s about finding balance using the best local ingredients available, while staying with our street food theme with bold flavors,” Nordeen said. “Everything is fresh in and fresh out.”

And you can make the experience your own.

Nordeen is serving up bites, soups and salads, small plates and two sizes of every entree. 

You can snack on small bites, split food or play around to make your own 10-course dinner.

“We hope people will come in here and try new things, have an open mind and share food,” Nordeen said.

(Click on the menu to enlarge.)

LOLO’s craft bar will feature a Mocktail menu, local wines and brews, classic cocktails, and 12-15 LOLO concoctions.

The bartending crew will be serving up twists on classics like Negroni, Harvey Wallbanger, Pisco Sour and Original 007 Martinis. LOLO will also feature a menu of craft cocktails created with artisanal spirits.

“Our drinks will be recognizable, but we get to the final product in a different way,” Ehlenz said. “It’s culinary. It becomes a production like watching a chef cook.”

It’s clear, LOLO plans to offer a different kind of dining experience when the doors open this week on downtown’s newest restaurant.

The quaint, 60-seat space will showcase local art, brick walls, a metal suspended ceiling, a quartz stone bar, lots of wood and high-end rustic finishes.

There’s a niche to be filled between restaurants like Marx, The Green Room and Domacin, pubs like Brine’s, the Mad Capper and Whitey’s, and the themed restaurants like Shanghai, Smalley’s and Nacho Mama’s, LOLO Business Partner Kurt Kohl said.

“With the crosswalk  coming right into the front door of this place, it’s sort of going to turn this into a starting point to what I’ll call restaurant row,” he said. “Maybe this becomes the appetizer bar of Stillwater. You stop in, have a drink and a snack and move on.”

“It’s one love down here,” Ehlenz added. “It’s about becoming a foodie town.”

LOLO will be serving lunch, afternoon social hour, dinner, and late night social hour menus. A 38-seat patio is also in the works.


Monday – Friday

  • 3 – 5 p.m. Social Hour
  • 5 – 10 p.m. Dinner
  • 10 p.m. – midnight Late Night Social Hour
  • Bar Open Till 1am

Saturday and Sunday

  • 3 – 10 p.m. Dinner
  • Bar Open Till 1 a.m.

LOLO Lunch & Social Hour by Shawn Hogendorf

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