The Locals Get Contract Renewal for Stillwater Lumberjack Days

Stillwater Lumberjack Days lumberjack demonstrations. Photo by Dale Peterson of via Pictures of Stillwater Facebook group.

Dale Peterson

Stillwater Lumberjack Days lumberjack demonstrations. Photo by Dale Peterson of via Pictures of Stillwater Facebook group.

The Locals are asking the City Council this week to renew their three-year contract to put on Stillwater Lumberjack Days.

The Locals — Erin McQuay, Brad Glynn, Shawn Smalley, Paul Creager and Michael Sobieski — were awarded a three-year contract by the Stillwater City Council in March 2014.

The first two years, The Locals organized the community festival as Stillwater Log Jam. Last year, the city council secured the naming rights of Stillwater Lumberjack Days, and The Locals rebranded their event.

“We have appreciated the opportunity to work with the city for the past two years and [this] year on the Stillwater summer festival,” a letter from The Locals to the City Council reads. “Through great amounts of work and determination, we feel we have been successful in our efforts to provide a fun , activity-driven, community festival that truly celebrates many of the wonderful attributes of the city of Stillwater and the St. Croix Valley.”

The Locals have shared profits of the festival with with local nonprofits and civic groups, according to the memo to the council. The Locals have also seen growth in each year of the festival.

If the contract is renewed, The Locals would run the festival through 2019.

“As the city of Stillwater has secured the use of the historic name Lumberjack Days, we have used the last several months to completely rebrand the festival to reflect that,” the memo reads. “We are excited to be using the name and know the value that accompanies it … it is our hope to carry this work over into the extended three years.”

The Locals plan to stay true to their mission “to provide an engaging and educational event that welcomes families and community members to the birthplace of Minnesota to enjoy and learn about the cultural heritage, historical charm and local talent of our beloved river town.”

The Locals also hope to grow the festival’s volunteer base and build on the current event with more activities, and more involvement from local nonprofits and civic groups.

“Producing the summer festival has been exhilarating and a means of pride for each board member,” The Locals wrote. “We sincerely thank you for the current contract and would enjoy working together for the additional three years.”

The City Council will take up the contract during Wednesday’s meeting at City Hall.

The meeting date was moved to Wednesday, Aug. 3, so council members can participate in Night to Unite events on Tuesday.

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