The Locals Estimate 28,000 Attended Stillwater Log Jam

In awe during the Lumberjack Competitions at Stillwater Log Jam. (Photo by Joe Isaacs)

In awe during the Lumberjack Competitions at Stillwater Log Jam. (Photo by Joe Isaacs)

The Locals estimate that 28,000 people attended over the course of the three days of Stillwater Log Jam 2015. That’s nearly double last year’s attendance.

The amphitheater and layout of the park worked great this year — there’s been a lot of positive feedback, Brad Glynn, of The Locals, told the Stillwater City Council last week. The park itself, the layout, and all of the time spent planning the event really paid off.

Although Stillwater Log Jam’s attendance nearly doubled that of the inaugural event, Glynn said this year’s festival showed there is still room to grow.

“This is not a sprint to making a huge festival,” Glynn told the council. “This is a commitment to making a community festival that everyone in Stillwater can be proud of… These numbers are a huge step forward.”

The festival is on the road to being financially sustainable, Glynn said.

“We have all our bills paid at this point,” he said. “Everything is in the process of being paid off. We’ll maybe carry a few bucks into next year to look for more improvements as well.”

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Collaboration between The Locals and city staff was “fantastic,” Glynn said.

There were no calls for emergency, no incidents of vandalism and no fights were reported at Log Jam.

“That’s really important to us,” Glynn said. “We don’t want a black eye. We don’t want people to say yeah, it’s a good time, but there’s some negatives. There was a very minimal disruption to downtown, and there were no issues with regards to behavior and vandalism and that sort of thing. That’s a big win for us.”

More than 200 volunteers helped put on this year’s event.

“We can’t put on an event this size without volunteers,” Glynn said. “Without our volunteers we couldn’t pull this off. We can’t thank them enough.”

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The setup was great, Councilmember Mike Polehna said.

“The amphitheater worked just as we dreamed it would all these years,” Polehna said. It was great. It was a lot of fun.”

The Locals are looking forward to next year, Glynn said. Mark your calendars for July 15, 16 and 17 for 2016.

To me this is the model of what a community festival should be,” Stillwater Mayor Ted Kozlowski said. “Everybody volunteering for the thing; everybody organizing the thing; everybody working down there… It was a fun, local event.”

Council Member Dave Junker said he would like to see the event get “turned up a little bit.”

“I’m glad to hear you say you could go slightly bigger for the community, because that’s what I would like to see,” Junker said. “I think you did a fabulous job. It looked great. Let’s tweak it a tad. You all did great. I really enjoyed it.”


Gregg Hamm rolls during the Down Hill Derby. (Photo by Joe Isaacs)

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