Local Views: State of the Stillwater School District

I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past couple of months about the state of our School  District. Where we’ve been, where we are now, and what’s ahead.

Our schools have been closed, friendships have been damaged, the community has changed, children and parents have been hurt. The roller coaster that has been our district for the past two years, has changed me personally.

I have spoken up and found a voice in me I knew was there, but maybe was hidden for a while. One of the not so good changes has been that I have become disenchanted with people at times and how the world works. I admit I have been naïve about our school board.

In the past I never questioned that their intentions for our community and our children have been nothing but the best. I have come to realize that’s not true. I think there are members who have lost their way. What’s best for kids is a concept that’s foreign to some and the ability to crush the questioners of board and administration’s decisions has become the number one priority.

References of ‘healing’ by our superintendent and board members have been made, but there has been no follow through. It’s just a word.

What has occurred are tactless articles being disseminated via District newsletters. Remember the pamphlet that was mailed out, “Building The Future-Fulfilling the Promises of the Bond 2015”?

I don’t see many promises being kept except for a continuation of lack of transparency and thoughtful, individualized decision making. I cannot count the number of times I have heard people say that every time they receive these mailings from the district it’s like a punch to the gut. I agree.

I truly believe that until the November 2018 elections occur and this community steps up and votes out those members of the school board who have harmed our communities, our children and families, nothing will change.

We are stuck with a board that is stuck in the mud.

Where are the positive, innovative ideas being brought forth for thoughtful discussion by all board members?

All I see is a lock step attitude between some board members and the administration. We can’t even look to the future because some are too worried about maintaining the control of the past.