Local Views: Response to ‘3 Schools Can Stay Open’ Letter

Once again we find ourselves agreeing with some of what Ms. Riehle writes in her latest missive “3 Schools Can Stay Open.”

She notes that “November 8th is a critical day for Stillwater Area Schools.” We agree.

As consistent voters are aware, election day is always critical. Whether school board elections or senate and house elections or county commissioner elections, each voter must decide for whom they will vote. In the District 834 school board election, voters will decide who will represent them for the next four years.

Unlike Ms. Riehle, we see beyond the single issue of school consolidation to view our candidates and their past experience.

Who has a record of public service?

Who has shown a concern for District 834 issues in the past?

Which candidates appear to be open minded about the various educational issues they will face in the next four years?

Once the school consolidation question is completed, who will be the candidate you hope will do what is best for the 8,400 students from our earliest learners to our graduates?

Who have you heard talk about academic, arts and athletic opportunities?

Do not settle for single-issue candidates.

Ms. Riehle also suggests voters “Please become informed and ask questions.” We agree. Go beyond the single question of school consolidation and seek answers about needed programming in our changing district.

Ask why there is a new school being built in the south end of our district. Ask why Superintendent Pontrelli recommended to the board that consolidating schools would improve educational achievement across the district.

Seek to find out what BOLD is about. Ask these questions with an open mind and let the answers take you to your candidate choice. Donʼt let Ms. Riehle tell you who to vote for.

Bottom line? Vote on November 8 because voting day is always critical.

George and Donna Hoeppner