Local Views: Gary Kriesel ‘Represents the People’

Gary Kriesel represents the people.

He is always willing to listen. Gary is proud of Washington County and what it has accomplished.

Washington County has the lowest tax rate in the seven county area. The County has an economic development plan, a transportation plan and a financial plan that provides a roadmap for the future. The County provides for the needs of its current residents and has a vision for its residents for tomorrow.

Kriesel has consistently expressed his belief in the youth of Washington County. I have had the privilege of working with Gary on several programs over the last several years. Gary has proved himself to be willing to consider options that do the most good.

Kriesel has been a good citizen by his willingness to serve on numerous County Commissioner committees. This has provided him the opportunity to touch and impact various members of the Washington County community with a variety of interests.

One of Kriesel’s greatest attributes is his ability to work with the local state congressional people. This has enabled him to secure program funding for the county. He has also worked with local city councils to get funding for local projects.

Additionally, Gary Kriesel has been a strong voice for the brave men and women who have honorably served our nation. Gary was a strong supporter of the Yellow Ribbon certification program for the cities within Washington County.

The old adage, “He knows everybody and everybody knows him” holds so true of Gary. I have had occasion to join Gary for breakfast meetings. It takes Gary 15 minutes to get from the door to his table. This person and that person, this group and that group, all seek a moment of his time. He always takes the time to listen.

I totally endorse Gary Kriesel for County Commissioner and I solicit your support, also.

— Dan Dolan, Chairman University of Minnesota Extension Advisory Committee to the Washington County Commissioners