Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Gary Kriesel to Washington County Board

While public attention has lately focused on national election politics, we need to remember that it is local policy and decision making that make the difference for our communities and quality of life.

We are supporting Gary Kriesel for re-election to the Washington County Board. Gary’s work has been instrumental in a number of issues that matter to our communities. We support him for his work on preserving public land along the St. Croix River, the new St. Croix bridge that will ease congestion, and his continued commitment to public safety for all Washington County residents.

All twelve mayors and town board chairs in District 3 agree that re-electing Gary Kriesel for County Commissioner is the right decision for our community. Experience, thoughtfulness, listening and leadership make a difference. Gary Kriesel is a committed public servant, with a track record that demonstrates hard work, inclusiveness and thoughtful policymaking.

We strongly support his re-election to the Washington County Board.

— Kris Amundson and Bruce Gritters, of Stillwater