Lakeview Hospital Prepared for Ebola: Training, Education are Keys to Emergency Preparedness

From Stillwater Medical Group:

In response to the ongoing coverage of the Ebola virus over the past several weeks, officials at Stillwater Medical Group and Lakeview Hospital are taking proactive steps to prepare staff members in the event they should encounter an Ebola patient.

“At Stillwater Medical Group, Lakeview Hospital and all of HealthPartners, we take Ebola very seriously and are committed to the safety of our employees and patients,” said Andrew Dorwart, MD. “We will continue to monitor new guidelines and recommendations as they are released from the Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health. Our policies and procedures will be updated as new information is released.”

While there has not been a reported case of Ebola in Minnesota or Wisconsin, the hospital and clinics have posted signage at all entry points requesting that patients notify staff of their recent travel history, and are screening patients in order to identify symptoms of Ebola. In the event that a patient has traveled to an infected area and is demonstrating these symptoms, the hospital and clinics have created a standard protocol to place the patient in a designated isolation room away from general staff and other patients, while preparing to transport the individual to a designated Ebola care hospital in the Twin Cities.

In addition, the hospital and clinics has conducted regular training and exercises with staff, in order to ensure proper isolation practices and use of personal protective equipment.

“Although the risk of the Ebola virus spreading remains low, the safety of our team members and patients is our top priority,” said Ted Wegleitner, Lakeview Hospital President. “Our hospital’s Ebola steering committee has been working in collaboration with the Stillwater Medical Group, other St. Croix Valley hospitals and HealthPartners for weeks to ensure we are prepared for any potential situation, and continue to carefor the community we serve.”

More information on Ebola can be found at, or you can visit the CDC or Minnesota Department of Health websites.