Lake Elmo Park Commission Protests City Administrator’s Dismissal with a Walkout

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The Lake Elmo Park Commission on Monday night tabled their agenda and staged a walkout in protest of the City Council’s decision to part ways with City Administrator Dean Zuleger.

In a 3-2 vote on March 10, the Lake Elmo City Council dismissed Zuleger despite the pleas of dozens of residents, business owners and staff members. No reason was given.

Lake Elmo City Council members Julie Fliflet, Jill Lundgren and Anne Smith voted to dismiss Zuleger from his position.

“We were all upset by the way the city council voted, and the commission decided to do this as a protest to the council vote,” Lake Elmo Park Commissioner Pam Hartley told Lillie News. “”The fact that the three women on the council would bring this up for a council vote … it’s disgusting politics. They don’t want anyone around who doesn’t agree with them.”

The city of Lake Elmo has had eight city administrators in the last 10 years. After last week’s vote, it appears the city will be in the market for the city’s leader once again — and that doesn’t appear to be sitting well with Lake Elmo residents.

The Park Commissioners aren’t the only people protesting the way Zuleger has been treated.

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Following the council’s vote, signs reading “WE PROTEST COUNCIL VOTE” have been popping up all around downtown Lake Elmo.

A public meeting to discuss the recent turn of events in Lake Elmo is planned for Thursday, March 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Lake Elmo Inn Event Center.

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