Do You Have an Iron Gut? Enter Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ’s Super Hot Wing Eating Contest

If you have an urge to put yourself through pain for the entertainment of the masses, hit up Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ’s super hot wing eating contest on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

“Last year was a smashing success and so we’ve decided to do another one,” the Facebook event page reads. “‘Hanukkah in Hell’ is a challenge to see who really has an Iron Stomach. Carolina Reapers will be the main ingredient in this year’s batch of awful, so be prepared. These wings would make the head of a normal person would probably melt off… but that’s not you; you’re an IRONMAN.”

If you’ve got what it takes, here’s the sign up form.

The super hot wing eating contest’s sauce is hotter than Smalley’s 666—much, much hotter, so consider yourself warned. Last year’s winner stomached 73 wings.

In case you need a reminder, here’s what the 666 wings did to Guy Fieri and his Diners, Drive Ins and Dives crew:

There’s a $20 entry fee for contestants (to make sure they show up), but it will be given back in the form of a few free drinks, a shirt and free wings, Chef Shawn Smalley said. “It’s a really good time… for most.”

The event starts at 7 p.m. at Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ in downtown Stillwater.

Locals Winter Specials are Back

For those of you into a deal, Smalley’s has also restarted their Locals Winter Specials, which include:

  • Half-priced burgers on Mondays,
  • $3 tacos and Coors Light on Tuesdays,
  • All you can eat wings for $20 on Wednesdays,
  • Pick 3 for $20 Thursdays (includes apps, sandwiches, desserts and specialty cocktails
  • Kids eat free on Sundays.

Stay tuned for the New Year’s Eve menu and party details…

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