Introducing the New ‘Pictures of Stillwater’ Facebook Group


“I am lucky enough to call Stillwater my home. There are so many great places to go shoot. Even at the same location, every day is a different look and a different feel. This was taken on Tuesday morning, just after sunrise. The clouds were great north of the bridge, but pretty much non-existent to the south. I’m facing northeast on this shot.” Photo by Dave Parker

I would like to introduce the new Facebook group, “Pictures of Stillwater.”

I started the public photo sharing group last night after reading Nickey Long’s comment on Dave Parker’s photo of the Stillwater Lift Bridge (pictured above):

“Has anyone ever considered making a facebook group “Pictures of Stillwater” where folks could share all the wonders of this great town? I am from Burlington, IA and we have a fb group where folks can showcase their favorite pics of our river town. Having lived in Stillwater several years ago, I know I would enjoy seeing pics from time to time of how the town grows and changes since we’ve moved away.”

Now that you mention it…

“Pictures of Stillwater” is a group dedicated to sharing photos, and telling stories of our beloved river town of Stillwater.

Although it’s said that a picture is worth 1,000 words, please provide context with the photo(s) you share that capture life in Stillwater.

Feel free to upload any photo of Stillwater — historic, timely, scenic, sports, community events, etc. — as long as you have permission to do so. (Please, keep the selfies to a minimum.)

When commenting on photos, be kind.


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