Ice Castles Are Coming to Downtown Stillwater This Winter

Lowell Park will be host to an ice castle this winter.

The Stillwater City Council has been talking for years about trying to find ways to draw people to Stillwater all year around — the addition of two new, large-scale attractions may do just that.

Ice Castles LLC is proposing to build an ice attraction in Lowell Park that will be open from late-December to March.

The ice castle crew will grow at least 10,000 icicles every day, and place them throughout the ice castles to provide something for water to freeze to. Over time, the icicles are absorbed into the ice structure. The structure will include an ice maze, slides, ice thrones, an ice fountain and a light tower.

“I think this is going to be great for Stillwater,” City Council Member Mike Polehna said. “The ice castle will be a lot of fun for our local residents and will be a great draw to town during the slow winter months. It should be a great opportunity for downtown businesses. I’m excited to see people from around the region enjoy our downtown in the winter months, too.”

Proposed site map. Ice Castles LLC

Proposed site map. Ice Castles LLC

If the application is approved, the ice castle will share Lowell Park with Minnesota Hockey Day 2017 over one weekend that is yet to be determined.

The ice castle is expected to draw more than 60,000 people to town this winter.

Ice Castles LLC hopes to make castles a winter fixture in downtown Stillwater for the next few years.

“This isn’t going to be a one-and-done in Stillwater,” Ice Castles LLC Site Manager Amanda Roseth told the Pioneer Press. “We wanted a city that would agree to host it for a number of consecutive years; we want it to be a permanent fixture. That’s not to say we won’t move it in five years, but we would like to have it there for at least a good number of years.” officials hope to build a winter castle on city-owned land in downtown Stillwater annually for the next few years, Roseth said.

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