Hounds of Finn ‘Park the Bus’ at the Water Street Inn St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and the Hounds Of Finn want you to join them Mar. 13-15  at the Water Street Inn for their “Park the Bus Tour.” Of course, it’s not really a tour, but after spending last St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland touring through Celtic Journeys, they’re more than happy to be in one place this year.

“It’s almost like we’re on tour for three days but just in one place,” Pete McCauley explained. “All the shows are open to the public, and there’s no cover so it gives people an incentive to be a part of the whole experience.”

Hounds Of Finn

Four performances at Charlie’s Pub in the Water Street Inn

March 13-15; St. Paul duo Broken Spoke will also perform.

New Beginnings With A New Member

Leslie Rich and Pete founded the Hounds of Finn in 2007 initially because they earned a little more playing at the Irish pubs, and eventually took on fiddler Michelle MacGregor and bodhran player David Draeger. The band established a following fairly quickly, and things took off from there as they put their own twist on Irish music.

“Even though we play what we call Celtic music, there’s really a big mix of genres that we put into our pot, ” Pete said. “That includes bluegrass, acoustic folk music and even a lot of rock as well but done in a more folk acoustic style.”

Leslie recently stepped away from the group, and Pete and Michelle welcomed Lojo Russo to the band. When deciding who should join them, Pete made it pretty clear that Lojo was a no-brainer.

“We love her stage presence, and she knew a lot of the same material already,” Pete said. “She’s a top notch musician and a great entertainer. We knew right from the get go that it wouldn’t be difficult to work together. We’ve been fans of her for a long time. It was a natural choice.”

Lojo expressed mutual affection toward Pete and Michelle when asked how the transition has gone.

“It’s wonderful to be with people who are passionate about playing traditional music but not necessarily traditionally,” she gushed. “There’s a lot of excitement between the three of us and we all want to perform for the audience the same way. We want to give everything to the audience. It’s been a lot of fun.”



A Shared Love For Irish Culture

During my talk with Pete and Lojo, they made it clear that they love multiple aspects of Irish culture, not just the music. Both look forward to the band’s tour to Ireland in early March, 2016, through Celtic Journeys.

Lojo’s friends sent her to Ireland for three month in 2005, and she recalls how warm and welcoming everyone was.

“I got a chance to play at one of the most famous pubs in western Ireland called Peppers in Feakle,” Lojo said. “It’s very well known for their sessions and music and being the place to go to listen to east Clare style music.”

She also remembers stopping to ask for directions on the way to a hostel, and the man she talked to invited her in for tea to continue their conversation after talking outside for half an hour.

Needless to say, they’re happy to bring a little bit of Irish culture to Stillwater for the Hounds of Finn’s Park the Bus Tour.

Per Lojo, be sure to “bring your appetite for food, music and fun!”

All details for the event can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

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