Help Carson Humphrey Reach Eagle Scout Rank by Building ‘Buddy Bench’ at Oak Park Elementary


My name is Carson Humphrey and I am a 17 year old Junior at Stillwater Area High School.

I am part of Boy Scout troop 9114 and I am currently working towards completing the final achievement in scouting, which is the rank of Eagle Scout. My final project is to install an industrial grade “Buddy Bench” this August at Oak Park Elementary School.

The Buddy Bench is a simple idea with the purpose to help eliminate loneliness on the playground by providing a seat where children can sit when they are in need of a friend. Schools have installed these benches across the country and have had wonderful results.

The Buddy Bench helps foster a safe way to help identify anyone in need and “such a bench is a helpful way for schools to facilitate peer support” as stated by University of Sulley Professor Helen Cowie for a chapter in the book, Promoting Emotional Education.

The benefits of having one of these benches is to provide a visible tool to help identify kids in need. Kids who might feel lonely from time-to-time or kid(s) who are the new student and don’t know anyone. It could even help a student who has difficulty expressing that they are in need of a friend. The Buddy Bench will give them a safe place to reach out for friendship or companionship. It also encourages kids to not be afraid to help someone who might be in need.


The money raised will go towards the payment of the bench and supplies needed for the installation. Funds that are raised over the goal amount will be donated to the school. If enough funds are raised that the purchase of another bench is possible, a second location at another school in our town has been determined.

I am asking for your help in supporting my project to help kids in need.  Whether you are able to donate $5 or $100 or anything in between is most appreciate. It will make a huge difference in making sure all kids feel welcomed, safe, and cared for.


Carson Humphrey, Troop 9114