Why I Filed a Complaint with the Minnesota Department of Education Against St. Croix Preparatory Academy

An open letter to the faculty and staff of St. Croix Prep

As some of you may have heard or read, in May, I filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Education regarding St. Croix Preparatory Academy and its authorizer, Friends of Education.  I want to explain what the complaint is about and why I filed it.

The complaint concerns this question: does the SCPA board have the authority to not seat newly-elected members until after they have completed additional, non-state-required training?  The charter school law does not provide a clear answer.

I filed the complaint because I believe that the summer months are the best time for newly-elected board members to take their seats and work to heal the rifts that developed this spring.

The Department of Education will determine whether the proposed training may take place before seating the newly-elected board members, or whether it must occur after seating them.  Because the charter school law is not clear on this issue, I would be astounded if my complaint in any way affected the renewal of the school’s charter or the re-approval of Friends of Education as a charter school authorizer.

If you wish to read the complaint itself, I have posted a copy, as well as the authorizer’s response to the complaint, and my response to their response.  If you have any questions about the complaint or wish to discuss it with me, please feel free to email me at thomasjcorbett01@gmail.com.

Thank you for the exceptional work you do at St. Croix Prep.



MDE complaint documents against St. Croix Prep