Early-Onset of Winter Impacts St. Croix River Crossing Project

The early-onset of winter is impacting work on the St. Croix River Crossing Project.

“Minnesota road work is wrapping up in November due to prolonged below-freezing temperatures,” a MnDOT news release reads. “So, some activities that we were on track to complete in 2014 will need to be pushed until spring/early summer 2015. The modified construction schedule guarantees better quality and longer-lasting roads once the project is complete.”

What will the roads look like this winter?

  • All roads will be open to traffic on paved surfaces in their permanent alignment – there will be no gravel surfaces within the project limits. Roads will be safe for the public and plows to use.
  • Highways 36 and 95 will re-open to four lanes of traffic, except on Highway 36 east of Osgood Avenue.
  • The right-in on the north side of Highway 36 and the right-in/right-out on the south side of Highway 36 will re-open.
  • All roads will have painted lines that designate lanes.
  • All intersection signal systems will be working.
  • Resident and business driveways will be paved and open to their full width.

All new pedestrian and bicycle trails will remain closed through winter, including those that are already paved. 

Crews will finish all remaining road, trail and minor driveway and private utility work during spring and early summer 2015, when landscaping work is also scheduled to occur.

St. Croix Crossing bridge work will continue throughout winter 2014-15.

  • Crews are installing temporary sheeting on the Wisc. bluff as part of construction of the east bridge abutment. Pile driving at this location is anticipated to begin in late November and continue throughout winter 2014-15.
  • Work on the water at Piers 8, 9 and 12 continues.
  • Operations at the project’s two casting yards continue.

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