Document: Stillwater BOLD Focus Groups Full Report

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.44.00 PMStillwater Area Public Schools recently commissioned three focus groups relating to Superintendent Denise Pontrelli’s BOLD proposal.

Teamworks International conducted three focus groups — one group of staff and two groups of parents — to offer thoughts on their personal experiences with Stillwater Area Public Schools and share perspectives on the BOLD proposal.

Take a look at the full report:

Stillwater BOLD Focus Group Full Report

The themes of a few discussions from the focus groups were concerns about the district’s compounding financial instability, the impacts of turnover in leadership and inequities between schools.

Those involved in the focus groups were amazed at inequities they heard about — whether it was differences in available technology, library staff, support services and leadership turnover, Christine Wroblewski, a consultant with Teamworks International said. Parents felt bad hearing about the turnover and lack of supports in some schools — they all appreciated each other’s challenges, she said.

“There is agreement about BOLD with respect to what people see as the goal in essentials for every student within district,” said Julie Goldsmith, a senior consultant with Teamworks International. “There is an agreement in the end game, but there is a difference in how to get there.”

The Board of Education is expected to vote on the BOLD proposal on Thursday at Stillwater Junior High.

In a news release about the results of the BOLD survey and focus groups, Pontrelli stood by her proposal, saying:

“We remain resolved that BOLD is a strong move in the right direction. It won’t solve every problem, but it will address excess capacity, inequitable learning, unbalanced class sizes, and financial and programmatic instability,” she continued. Ultimately, it’s up to the board now to decide how best to meet the needs of all 8,300 of our students. Whatever the decision, we remain committed to rebuilding community and moving forward together.”

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