Dangerous Ice Conditions Remain on St. Croix River Due to Bridge Construction

Information via St. Croix River Crossing:

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  • Motorists continue to experience single-lane traffic on Highway 36, east of Osgood Avenue, and the new ramp b

    etween Highway 36s and 95. The new Highway 36 westbound lanes and second ramp will open during the 2014 construction season.

  • Motorists continue to experience single-lane traffic through the construction zone on Highway 95 between the Highway 36/95 junction and the north entrance to Sunnyside.

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Impacts on the Water (Ice)

  • All five pier foundations in the river are complete, but the site remains an active construction zone.
  • Crews will continue to regularly break ice from 100 feet north of the project to 2000-3000 feet south of the project.
  • Ice fishermen and snowmobilers must be aware of irregular ice and thin ice in this area.

Crews will continue to break ice near the bridge construction zone. Everyone participating in winter activities on the river should use extreme caution and stay away from the construction area.

Signage about the thin ice will be placed at six river access points as well as on the St. Croix River both north and south of the bridge foundations.

For your safety, please heed thin ice warnings.

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