Concussions in Youth Sports – What you should know

Calling All Parents & Athletes,

You’re invited to join us for a free presentation on concussions in youth sports! Don’t wait until someone you know gets a concussion to learn the signs, symptoms and treatment options.

Join us on Tuesday, September 29 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Lakeview Hospital (927 Churchill St. W. Stillwater, MN) and learn what to do when a concussion first occurs and how to prevent further injury.

Our sports medicine provider Dr. Paul Schaefer will be giving a short 1-hour presentation on;

-Signs & symptoms of a concussion (What to look for in your athlete)

-Concussion management (Can your athlete watch Tv with a concussion? Can they still do homework?)

-New concussion information & research (What do and don’t we know?)

Everyone is invited! RSVP here to reserve your seat.