Commemorative Stillwater Log Jam Buttons On Sale Now for Medallion Hunt


Commemorative Stillwater Log Jam buttons are now on sale for the Medallion Hunt.

Buttons are on sale at the Daily Grind, Lift Bridge Brewery and Stillwater Motors.

The prize is $500 with a button (sponsored by Stillwater Motors) or $100 without a button. The prize also includes a bonus $100 gift certificate provided by the Stillwater Independent Business Association.11745683_463355707158628_4327033932171166920_n

The first clue for the Medallion Hunt will be read by Brent Peterson on Thursday evening during the Washington County Historical Society’s Ice Cream Social at the Historic Courthouse (where buttons will also be for sale).

All following clues will be read at 1 p.m. at the Warden’s House on North Main Street each day and at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning. The clues will also be printed in the Stillwater Gazette (and you’ll be able to find them here, on Stillwater Current, too.

The Medallion will be hidden at an undisclosed time on public land within Stillwater city limits.

Again, you can find the full list of rules, here.

If you find the medallion, call 651-300-0131.

Happy Hunting.

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