Coming Soon to Lowell Park: Dozens of Trees

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More than a dozen trees will soon be planted in Lowell Park.

A volunteer landscape architect recently submitted a plan to city staff to add dozens of trees in north Lowell Park, Stillwater Public Works Director Shawn Sanders told the City Council on Tuesday.

The plan calls for four different species of trees to be planted in different areas between Laurel Street and the Pedestrian Plaza.

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A series of 21 redbud trees will be planted along the bike trail between Laurel and Mulberry streets in downtown Stillwater.

The first part of the plan is to plant a series of 21 redbud trees — that grow to be about 20 feet tall — along the bike trail between Laurel and Mulberry streets.

“The plan is to plant the trees so when the corridor opens up you see the steeples for the courthouse and the church,” Sanders said. “The way the plan is done, it acts like an entryway to the city.” Sanders said.

The second part of the plan calls for the planting of three species of trees between Mulberry Street and the Pedestrian Plaza.

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“The idea when we were working on the plan was to have view-sheds through the trees to the river,” Council Member Mike Polehna said. “We did not want to destroy the view-shed for the residents — we wanted to make sure people could always see through the trees to the river.”

When putting the plan together, the trees were selected based on compaction, salt tolerance and flooding, Polehna said. All the trees that were selected are tolerant to that set of criteria.

Council Member Polehna, along with city staff are working on the possibility of having the trees donated.

“So you’re talking about a free plan, and possibly free plants?” Council Member Tom Weidner asked.

“It doesn’t get any better than that does it,” Sanders quipped.

“It works for me,” Stillwater Mayor Ted Kozlowski said.

Volunteers will plant the trees, Polehna said. The trees will be donated. The city will be looking to plant trees that are about 2-3 inches in diameter.

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