Comedian Chris Maddock Performs Saturday at Lift Bridge Brewery

The City Pages 2014 Funniest Standup Comedian, and Stillwater native, Chris Maddock is putting on a show this weekend at Lift Bridge Brewery.

The show starts at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 11. Tickets are available at

“My act is mostly autobiographical, but my parents are coming to this show anyway,” Maddock said. “I don’t have a lot of material about them, but they’re still on edge.”

Lately, Maddock has been doing some shows with his comedy group, The Turkeys, at the Brave New Workshop’s Experimental Thinking Center (a long name for their main floor room). After the Stillwater show, he’s heading to Mexico to perform at the Akumal Comedy Festival.

I caught up with The Ol’ Mad Dogger and asked him a handful of questions:

Q: What’s life been like since being named City Pages 2014 Funniest Local Standup?

A: It was a nice nod to be sure, but all it really meant was that I could fool people who didn’t think I was funny into doubting themselves.

Q: Where do you draw ideas and inspirations for your standup set?

A: I write a lot during long walks. I started walking everywhere a few years ago, because I like to walk, but also because I like to have a cocktail and not drive. When you do that a lot you figure out that walking is not hard at all, even if it’s “far.” So now I’ll walk 2 or more miles to a show, to a friends house, and actually CHOOSE to walk home, and people say “you walked from WHERE? Dude, I can drive you! ” No way, I can walk for a whole hour if I need to, for real!

People are very adverse to walking, it’s funny. I’m even walking a half marathon in May, all because I like to drink! I’m a health nut! It’s great exercise without the torture of working out. I’m the guy walking down the street talking to himself and laughing.

Q: What makes it special when you come home and perform in Stillwater? What can we expect from your show?

Of course it’s great to be in my hometown, and I’m pretty down with the Mayor now. I’m hoping he’ll decree the day of the show, April 11, as “Chris Maddock Day” in Stillwater, even though it’s Ted’s birthday.

Expect an hour-long stand up set from yours truly, The Ol’ Mad Dogger, plus a set or two from Country Legend Chris Maddock, which is me doing what I’m more known for, legendary original country music.

Q: What’s up with the encore of the Legendary Country Rocker Chris Maddock?

A: Great question. Comedy for me is like baseball is to Michael Jordan; not bad at all, but the crowds have been screaming for me to win the dunk contest that is my original country music; what I’m known for. I’m going to give it to them.

Q: What the near future look like for you? Anything cool coming up you’d like to talk about?

A: I’ll be at the Akumal Comedy Festival next week, and I’m going to record some of the jokes that I still do from my first CD, Point of Entry, but the ones that have evolved so much since then that they’re almost un-recognizable, like a remix. If it goes well, we’ll put it out, maybe on a 7-inch vinyl on Stand Up! Records, who put out the first one.

Q: Who are some of the comedians you look up to? What makes them great?

A: It’s like asking someone’s favorite country singer, there’s so many. I really liked Zach Sherwin when he was in town, and this other guy I can’t remember his name… I like all the really honest guys and gals, like Doug Stanhope and Maria Bamford, but I also like straight joke tellers, like Scott Brady and Dwight York. Todd Snider is a folk singer, but he tells hilarious stories between songs, and he’s just as funny as a comic.


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