City Council to Discuss Evaluation of Stillwater Log Jam 2014

The Stillwater City Council will hear an evaluation of the inaugural Stillwater Log Jam event during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The council will also consider a revised contract for 2015.

Stillwater Log Jam is scheduled to happen July 17-19.

The Locals are looking forward to a “great event this year,” Brad Glynn said. There are a couple of things The Locals have to square away with the city before announcing their plans and improvements for 2015.

“Safe to say that as long as the city viewed 2014 as a success — as we did — we will move forward,” Glynn said. “We have started paving a good path with local businesses, partners and volunteers even through the challenges of a ‘first year’ start-up, excess scrutiny based on history of the former festival and the flood that took our entire planned event site.

“There is no doubt we will be able to keep on mission to provide a fun community festival that Stillwater deserves and improve on elements that we have put in place.”

The Council will hear take up the evaluation that was compiled from feedback from city staff who worked with the event organizers.

“Although rising flood waters forced many changes onto the event planners there were many items that could have been resolved in a timelier manner,” a lead in to the evaluation reads.

Here is a summary of the overall event, with recommended and required changes for 2015:

Stillwater Log Jam Evaluation