Charges: Stillwater Teen Became Man’s Online Sex Slave

Criminal charges filed this week against a 19-year-old man from Washington state are incredibly disturbing.

Cheyenne Cody Vedaa Foster is accused of keeping a seventh-grader at Stillwater Junior High as a sex slave and controlling her to the point that she physically harmed herself — even though the two never met in person.

According to charges filed this week in Washington County District Court, Foster called himself “Hero,” and referred to the girl as “Kitten,” his online sex servant.

Detectives are still trying to determine how Foster met the girl, but according to the complaint, the two have been communicating since at least March via text message, social media and daily video chats.

According to the complaint:

Police began looking into a report of inappropriate communication between Foster and the 13-year-old girl last spring.

After looking at emails, police believe the case may be a “copycat from the character in the novel and movie ‘50 Shades of Grey,’ where the dominant male character uses a contract and rules to control a submissive female.”

According to the complaint, Foster told the girl not to tell her parents about their communication. During the investigation, police were given a handmade poster with a set of “Kitten’s Rules” written in crayon and taped to her bedroom door detailing a list of graphic orders.

Foster is also accused of coercing the girl into suffocating herself to the point of passing out during chats, and harming herself both physically and sexually.

Last week, the girl told Stillwater police that she feared Foster, that he had caused her physical pain.

Detectives believe that Foster has communicated with other children at Stillwater Junior High, the complaint states.

“There is no evidence that there are unidentified victims at Stillwater Junior High, or even in the state of Minnesota at this time,” a news release from Stillwater Police reads. “The investigation is ongoing and investigators continue to examine evidence and interview witnesses.”

Foster was arrested on Oct. 7 at his home in Arlington, Washington and will be extradited to Minnesota. During questioning by Stillwater Police and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Foster provided information to authorities that lead investigators to believe there are other minor victims located throughout the United States.

According to the complaint, the girl’s parents confronted Foster on the phone at one point, and demanded he stop communicating with their daughter, the complaint states. The girl’s parents thought after Foster apologized, the communications had stopped.

The girl also told police that Foster directed her to communicate electronically with other people who take on a “dominant” role, the complaint states. The girl told police that she sent sexual photos to those people.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput told WCCO that he expects there will be more arrests as a result of this case.

“The Stillwater Police Department has worked diligently with the family, Stillwater Junior High Staff and our law enforcement partners to investigate this case and protect the victim,” Stillwater Police Chief John Gannaway said. “We will continue to work closely with the Minnesota BCA, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department and The Washington County Attorney’s Office to successfully prosecute the perpetrator of this crime.”

Foster was charged with using minors in sexual performance or pornographic work and first-degree criminal sexual conduct for injury by using force and coercion, which are both felonies.

“I’m telling parents to rethink your notions about privacy and boundaries,” Orput told the Star Tribune. “It’s not an intrusion, but a necessity, to take charge of children’s use of phones and computers in these days of a ‘very unsafe’ Internet.”

In a message to parents on Thursday, Stillwater Area Public Schools said they are working with police on the case, and working to support the students involved.

“While this crime is disturbing, there is no reason to believe there is any ongoing danger to members of the public,” Stillwater Police Department’s news release states. “The Stillwater Police Department will not comment on the details of the crime, as we believe the reporting only continues to harm the victim and her family.”

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