Breaking: New Summer Festival Will Be Named Stillwater Log Jam


The Locals new summer festival will be called Stillwater Log Jam.

Conversations, rumors and opinions on the name have been swirling since the announcement of the return of the historic celebrations. This year in particular is a reason to celebrate as it is the 80th Anniversary of Lumberjack Days – the celebration.

The name “Lumberjack Days” is trademarked with the former non-profit organization associated with the celebrations in recent years. The Locals made the attempt to acquire use of the name “Lumberjack Days” for the 2014 event, but an agreement with the former non-profit was unable to be reached.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are moving forward with our proposed name Stillwater Log Jam, and can now focus on the important elements of what goes into an amazing event, not just the name of it,” commented The Locals Board Member Erin McQuay.

The event has also gone by the name “Play Days” from 1949 to 1965 when it was successfully run by the local organization, The Jaycees.

The Locals organization is pushing toward an activity-heavy event with participation and volunteerism provided by the residents of Stillwater. Several non-profit organizations have been approached by the group to be involved and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“Several groups seem energized to bring the event back to a place of community involvement and inspiration,” said Board Member Cassie McLemore. “They each want to contribute to what will once again become a community tradition amongst the residents of Stillwater.”

The 2014 event Stillwater Log Jam will feature several elements of years past including the event Kick-Off of the Talent Show and Ice Cream Social hosted by the Washington County Historic Courthouse; the Old Time Baseball Exhibition; Bingo in the Park; an adult Soap Box Derby; a run for adults and kids too, and many new elements such as guided pontoon rides featuring a local historian who can explain history of the river and Stillwater, historically-themed rooms, fishing contest and more.

The Locals will have an email newsletter that will keep people informed of the most up-to-date happenings, which is available at

Dates for the 2014 Stillwater Log Jam are Friday, July 18, Saturday, July 19, and Sunday, July 20. The Locals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization seeking funding for the 2014 event Stillwater Log Jam.

All donations will be tax-deductible under the law, and happily and graciously accepted. There will be opportunities for vendors, volunteers, non-profits, musicians, artists and more. Please visit for more information.

To learn more or to get involved please contact The Locals at and be sure to visit


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