Benson Park Neighborhood Night to Unite

Tuesday, August 2nd at 6 p.m. at Benson Park

We’re keeping it simple this year with a Dessert Bar and yard games. If so inclined, bring a game to play, a dessert to pass and a big smile on your face. There just may be some raffled off prizes. We will be getting a planned visit from the local authorities (aka Police and Fire Dept.) we will have a giant slip-n-slide set up (safe and acceptable for adults) and are planning for a bonfire about 8 pm in the Lydia Circle cul-de-sac.

You will be cordially invited Saturday morning at roughly 11 am as we escort excited children to pass out flyers. Yes, they plan to knock on doors. Check in with your immediate neighbors to be sure they know about the event and are part of the FB group! If you have suggestions or would like to contribute, we would love your help!

See you Tuesday!


Unofficial Planning Committee (Lisa Collins, Katie Gruba, Angie Ireland, Darcy DeMars, Amy Carr)