About Self Serve Messages

Have you ever wanted to tell a lot of people about something at once? You know, when you’re promoting something like a yard sale, your side businesses, or maybe even a shout out to someone for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary?

Maybe you’re a small business owner or a real estate agent, and you’ve got to get the word out about an event or property.

There’s a new self serve advertising tool on Stillwater Current that will let you do just that. It looks like this, which you may have seen in some articles recently:

What is this?

Now you can send a message to all of the readers of a particular article in a very easy and cost-effective way. You can run a message for as little as a day, or for years.

Here is the basic pricing for running a message in an article:

One Day $3.00
One Week $3.00
One Month $5.00
One Year $10.00

Just click into the space and start typing your message. Then click the “post” button to finish up the steps. Once the editor of Stillwater Current approves it, it will go live instantly. You’ll even get a report of the number of people who saw your message at the end of the run.

Think about it! Maybe you’ve got a friend who has a business that you could help promote − What a nice gesture! And while you’re doing that, you’re helping Stillwater Current continue to be the best news source for the community.

It’s great for:

  • General shout outs for special occasions
  • Promoting events
  • Promoting real estate
  • Getting more eyes on a Craigslist posting
  • Promoting a business, which might even be related to the article
  • Promoting your social media accounts, like Facebook or Twitter

We hope you give it a try! It was built for you.

PS: Our self-serve ad system is powered by Broadstreet’s very awesome Selfie tool.