30 Long-Time Stillwater Area Public Schools Employees Set to Retire

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A group of retirees from Stillwater Area Public Schools. (Photo courtesy of Stillwater Area Public Schools)

Thirty long-time employees are retiring from Stillwater Area Public Schools this year.

This group of retirees has more than 640 combined years of service with the district:

  • Laurel Avery, 21 years, elementary teacher at Andersen
  • Henry Axt, 19 years, high school science teacher
  • Dennis Bloom, 34 years, director of operation at Central Services
  • Jeff Benson, 39 years, custodian at Stillwater Junior
  • Millie Bruning, 19 years, paraprofessional at St. Croix Catholic
  • Dr. Erik Christiansen, 27 years, high school choir director
  • Sharon Cook, 18 years, cook at Andersen
  • Marcia Cutler, 13 years, elementary teacher at Lake Elmo
  • Tanya De Wing, 22 years, high school business teacher
  • Peggi Diercks, 22 years, adult basic education teacher at the family center
  • Carl Downs, 27 years, custodian at Lily Lake
  • Norma Dunnigan, 14 years, paraprofessional at Stillwater Area High School
  • Tim Foster, 40 years, elementary teacher at Lily Lake
  • Trudy Fox, 15 years, cook at Lily Lake
  • Gerard Jones, 11 years, high school orchestra teacher
  • Barry Kiesow, 35 years, custodian at Stonebridge
  • Cynthia Kish, 12 years, paraprofessional at Stillwater Area High School
  • Julie Kramer, 22 years, elementary teacher at Rutherford
  • Martha Lindberg, 24 years, administrative assistant at Central Services
  • Larry Neumann, 30 years, band teacher at Lake Elmo, Oak Park and Stonebridge
  • Dawn Podolske, 34 years, math teacher at Oak-Land
  • Ellen Schmidt, 24 years, English Language teacher at Lake Elmo
  • Mary Jo Tein, 25 years, school psychologist at Lake Elmo
  • Gary Thomsen, 30 years, custodian at Andersen
  • Haeri Tollefson, 9 years, high school theatre coordinator
  • Stephen Traxler, 28 years, band teacher at Lily Lake, Rutherford and Stonebridge
  • Jeri Turner, 25 years, speech language pathologist at Oak-Land and Oak Park
  • Kathy Van Deest, 10 years, occupational therapist at Lake Elmo, Oak-Land and the high school
  • Ruth Weber, 12 years, health care specialist at Stillwater Junior
  • Judy White, 25 years, paraprofessional at Oak-Land

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